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Benefits of Teaching English in Korea Korea is a geographic area, civilization and a former state situated in East Asia. The Korean peninsula is divided into two parts and countries - North Korea and South Korea. Today's school system in Korea is divided into six years in elementary, three years in middle and a further three years in high school. The program for international student assessment co-coordinated by the OECD ranks Korea's education as the 11th best in the world, significantly higher than the OECD average.

In Korea a very popular career option these days is teaching English in Korea. It is always better to look for some reputed institution where one can get employed as instructor of the language. The ESL (English as a Second language) market in Korea is extremely competitive. Most openings for English Language instructors are in Seoul. Most English language teachers or instructors teach in private foreign language institutes.

Hakwons (private language institutes are found all over Korea) employ a number of teachers that help in conducting classes for both conversation and writing classes. The normal system is to work for about 20 to 30 hours per week as an employee with the schools that teach the language. Pupils may be grade school or college students. Salary and benefits do not vary widely from school to school. Emoluments at many language institutes in Korea range from1.9 - 2.

2 million won monthly. Higher salaries for those with good qualifications and lot of experience are, unfortunately, not available too readily. The Korean Hakwon industry is very competitive and the salaries reflect this trend. When one finishes a full contract, he or she is paid an extra month's regular salary.

Most large corporate groups have their own in-house programs. Employee benefits such as housing facilities are usually provided. In many instances the teacher has to live within the compounds of the campus or in some cases travel quite a long distance all the way from Seoul. Around 1.5 to 2 million Won is what the instructors can usually expect as the monthly salary for teaching English in Korea.

Major universities in Seoul, as well as some provincial universities run foreign language institutes. There are many businessmen among the students though most students are university students. Most universities do not provide housing and some do not provide benefits required by law. The salary status and benefits offered by these institutes are among the best in Korea. Most universities employ full-time English Conversation instructors.

Most universities in Seoul do not provide housing, and some do not provide the benefits required by law. There are several research institutes that are operated by the governmental as well as private companies alike. Foreign scholars with some humanities, business administration, or economics degree are often hired by the institutes. The payment and subsidiary facilities such as that of housing are quiet lucrative. Foreigners also get openings with several of the Korean ad agencies or public relations offices. You also have opportunities to appear on television programs and the radio.

They pay quite well and some have housing assistance.

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