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Bingo Rules

Learn how to play bingo at the halls and online Bingo rules are simple and easy to understand, there's nothing tricky about them and they do not require you to memorize them. In this article we will go through the regular rules of bingo and would describe the course of the game.

According to the rules, the object of the game is to reach a certain pattern on the bingo card by marking the numbers called by the bingo caller. Each bingo card has a 5X5 grip with 25 squares or "spots".

Each column out of the five is designated with a letter. The first column has the letter "B" and the numbers that can fill its rows go from 1 to 15. The second column is the "I" column and the numbers in it go from 16 to 30. The "N" column has only 4 spots as the middle spot (in the third row) is kept empty; the other four spots have numbers from the 31 to 45. The fourth column – the "G" column – has numbers from the range of 46 to 60. The last column is the "O" column and it has numbers from 61 to 75 or 90 (if you play in the UK).

Numbers are randomly generated on bingo cards by manufactures and there numerous series of bingo cards. In fact if you could print a million bingo cards in one second it would take more than 10 trillion years for you to print every possible combination.

If you want to play bingo first you must purchase a bingo card, make sure that it has a serial number that would allow you to later on verify your winnings. If you play at a bingo hall find yourself a seat and wait for the bingo session to begin. You can find a specific set of bingo rules at each hall and online casino, take your time to read those as sometimes they would hold important information.

Each bingo session is ended when there's a winner, not before. The bingo caller calls the numbers which are drawn by a computer that generate numbers randomly or a special bingo bin that shuffles numbered balls. If can find a drawn number on your card mark it with an X, punch a hole in the correct spot or simply place a small object to indicate that you achieved this number.

By achieving a certain pattern on the bingo cards you win the game. The pattern may be a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. In some bingo games you would find more complex patterns that respectively allow you to win bigger prizes. As mention before – get hold of the bingo rules set of each hall and site so that you would know which are the winning patterns and which are not. Bingo halls and online bingo operators may offer regular prizes, such as trips or electric appliance or cash prizes.

As you can see it's easy to learn how to play bingo, there's nothing into it more than the above. Notice that you may want to learn few more issues such as the special nicknames for bingo numbers. If you want to experience playing bingo you can start right now using our selection of reliable online casinos.

How to play bingo is one of the simplest things there is to learn, that's why bingo is so popular since it doesn't demand any special strategy or knowing odds. It's a social game that requires little but your attention to the called numbers.

Mark Hedley - Guest Editor. 6.2.06