Watadas Stand

A First Lieutenant in the U.S. Army has taken a stand.

Ehren Watada, a 28-year-old Hawaii native, faces a court martial next month and up to 6 years in prison. He is the first commissioned officer in the U.S. to publicly refuse deployment to Iraq. Overy 100,000 people have commented on one of the blogs were this man's story and interview was published. Many of his peers call him a traitor and a coward.

Others think he's anything but that. It's easy to take a position on this young man's decision, and that's one of the fundamental problems with the world we live in. Actually, the problem lies within our methods of thinking, our consciousness. Yesterday's consciousness is insufficient for the world we face today with all of it's accelerating change, globalization, the advancement of technology, etc.

Someone thinking with yesterday's consciousness, the positionary mind of the past, rushes to judgment without much honest inquiry. Rather than look to understand the person or organization they judge, they simply attack. It's usually in defense of a position they formed long ago. This is a very emotional issue, especially for those who chose to stand for their country by risking their lives by fighting at war even if they objected to the war. To be inspired by this man's stand, it's assumed they'd have to turn on their own stand.

They are proud of the stand they took to fight, and feel that those who stand for their country by not fighting are invalidating or dishonoring them. Some soldiers, in going to war, might judge those who don't as cowardly. This affords them more pride and confidence in their decision, but the judgment itself is what devolves their stand into a position. In our eagerness to stand for something, we too easily form a righteous position, from which we can no longer think honestly about the situation.

Isn't honesty the quality of not refusing to look at or think about something, when forming one's thoughts, words or opinions? Yet, when we form our thoughts and opinions with yesterday's positionary thinking, those very opinions become walls beyond which we cannot see. Beyond the walls of our position, we can not see the humanity, the courage, the stand taken by the other side. And then we treat and speak to them as less than human. Is it any wonder the world is in such a state of crisis? What we're lacking is a new form of consciousness. A visionary consciousness, the likes of which have been rare throughout history.

Gandhi is a great example of someone with a visionary consciousness. What we'll need going forward, however, and what I see is fast approaching, is a much more sophisticated and developed visionary consciousness higher level thinking methods that facilitate visionary thinking and make it much easier and more common place. Eventually, evolution to a new kind of thinking will occur. Indeed, it must if we are to survive and thrive in this world. Some are courageously undertaking the quest to evolve their consciousness even now, and are seeking out training for living as a visionary.

Right now, the world needs people willing to live their lives standing for humanity. If you are willing to live your life as a visionary, as someone who stands, as a hero for mankind, there's no time to waste. The world needs visionary parents, teachers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, politicians, activists, artists.

The world needs you. Are you willing to stand?.

As founder of the Vision Force Academy, Michael Skye works with a new breed of impassioned change agents around the world, who are giving their lives to stand for all of humanity. Michael is best known for his transformational leadership trainings, based on his proprietary iStand technology. He authored the the Visionary Mind Shifts for VisionForce.com.

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