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Deuces Wild Poker

Rules of Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild is yet another video poker game. It is probably the most popular video poker game that has an almost traditional place in bars, pubs, game centers and such. The game is typically played with small coins and is proven to be extremely addictive to casual gamblers. The goal of the game is trivial: you need to obtain a five card poker hand that wins. Your wins are described in the payout table that you can see on the machine (or, with online casinos, within the game itself).

The game is called Deuces Wild because the deuces (two) can serve as a replacement for any card in a manner similar to Jokers. This has a significant impact on usual Poker odds.

When you obtain a hand, you can choose which cards to hold and which ones to replace. The held cards stay, and those that are not are replaced with cards from the shoe. The resulting combination determines whether you win or lose (see General Rules of Poker for poker hands). However, once you win, you have special options that are specific to Deuce Wild:

Collect means just collect your wins and play a next round.. Double means that you challenge the casino. This is played as following: The dealer draws an open card and 4 closed cards. It becomes the dealer's card.

You choose one of the closed cards and open it. It becomes your card.

If the card you just opened can beat the dealer's, you can collect the double of your winnings in the round or double again.

If there's a tie, you can collect or again double your winnings in the round.

However, if you lose, your original bet is forfeited and you lose the round. Half double means that you challenge the casino only on half of your winnings. A half would be returned to you immediately and another half is wagered for the double game, in which case, should you lose, you indeed would not have your other half of win forfeited.

You should be aware that many online casinos prohibit to double or half double if your win exceeds certain amount of money. Typically this ranges in between $1000 and $2000. Until this amount is reached, you can repeat doubling and half doubling on a winning streak indefinitely.

We definitely recommend you to play this game on a real video poker machine sometime. It is guaranteed to bring you a lot of pleasure.