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Tips and strategies for online gambling

How do I develop my own strategy and does it truly work?

Gambling strategies vary greatly from game to game and there are entire books dedicated to particular gaming systems and approaches. None of them of course can be called an ultimate or definitive guide but most are entertaining and educational reading. Some boil down to plain old probability calculations while other ones might involve one's sense of intuition. Devising a personal strategy is not just a matter of numbers;

it involves your natural senses, psychology of your opponents and experience. More so in online casinos small differences in game rules between land and online casino or for example better or worse performance of Random Number Generators can render an otherwise interesting strategy absolutely pointless. For example, most Baccarat strategies that are "easy" and "winning" in terms of their authors will fail your expectations in some online casinos simply because the cards are returned to the shoe and the shoe is reshuffled every round. Be very wary of strategies that promote themselves claiming to be complete and perfect. There's no gambling game that allows a 100% successful strategy (or it'd not be a gambling game!). As a matter of the fact, the best gambling strategy is not to believe anyone else's gambling strategies.

Choosing a strategy - or a number of strategies - is a very personal thing. We can't really tell you which one is the best as there isn't really a best strategy. Instead we'll give you some tips that'll help you to determine which strategy is not to take. Seriously approaching a playing strategy in an online casino demands not only luck and patience but also understanding of probabilities and things like RNG dispersion. Some people go even further and apply various occult theorems and ideologies to their gambling ideas. Developing a gaming strategy can be as interesting as actually trying it (and online casinos are a great place to try gaming strategies - think "free games!" Below we have recreated some material that might interest you as an example of what a part of a strategy looks like.

Baccarat- in Baccarat the only decisions that are given to the players are bets and even those are very limited. There are various statistical systems that try to manipulate the bets to create probable situations, but eventually most players consider that the house only commissions the banker bets and see it as a real incentive to give the banker hand priority. A very interesting observation can be made here: the fact that the banker bets are commissioned also diminishes the bet value of the banker hand a little bit, leaving you to guess whether would the odds fit. It's an unexpected application of so called Heisenberg's effect that comes from in physics. We leave it as an exercise to the reader to decide for themselves whether this approach is right for them or not.

Blackjack - as there are variations of Blackjack there are some basic strategies that apply to all variants of the game while some certainly apply to only one. Probably everyone agrees that you should double down if you've got an Ace and 10. Alas, some people mistakenly believe that the "Dealer always stands on 17" rule is a good reason for a player to consider 17 a breaking point for doubling down. Sometimes you will just feel that the next card coming is four! There are hard rules in gambling, and this isn't one of them.

Roulette- the mathematical nature of roulette makes it obvious that any roulette "system" is little more than a self-sustaining myth. Roulette slots are organized in a mathematically distributed fashion so as to make sure that not only individual numbers but also all bets and colours have a fair chance.

There are some curious approaches (and along with that a good chunk of scam artists promoting their insane ideas online for a "small fee") which you can research on your free time but generally it makes even less sense to try and develop (or adopt which is probably even worse) a roulette "system" than in Baccarat. Example: the Martingale systems that propose to compensate for lost bets with raising proportionally to the odds are not even worth consideration because the casinos deliberately impose upper bet limits on roulette tables. Online casinos are not cheating on you but they are not giving you even a little bit of advantage either. The games are fair.

Dice games- simple probability calculations show that with two dice, seven is the easiest number to roll. Compare that to the craps rules and the special numbers and you will be enlightened As you see, simple observation might reveal things that are very logical but aren't too obvious because of their precise scientific nature. Those are the little details that make the soul of online casino games. We hope this short introduction gives you an overview enough to further research and enjoy gaming strategies on your own.