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Learn How to Play Slots - Slot Machine Rules

There's little information that one needs to know if he wants to learn how to play slots, but even though it is little it's also important. The basic of "how to play slots" is:

choose a slot machine,
read the slot machine's rules,
insert money,
wait for the outcome
but in fact every stage has little more to it than it seems. The following How to Play Slots guide would simplify the matter of playing slots for novice players or players that until now haven't given the matter much thought.

Choosing Slots Machines

There are numerous variations of slots present in land base and online casinos, they differ in style, payouts, there are Progressive Slots, bonus Slots, Video Slot , single line, multi-line, three-reel, five-reel and so on. The endless possibilities should concern you and choosing of a slot machine should be mainly affected by your bankroll.

If you have a large bankroll, such as $300, you may play the $1 slots, or the more expensive progressive-slot machines; if you have a relatively small bankroll you should choose a quarter-slots such as the single line slots or the three-reel slots, which are rather cheap and would allow you to play for a longer period of time. The cheaper slot machine you choose the more time you'll be able to play.

Slots Rules

Each slot machine offers a different variety of payouts and other rules that apply to that machine and so, before you insert money make sure that you've read the rules of the slot machine you are just about to play.

Every slot machine has a payout table attached to it and you can avoid much trouble by reading the slots' tables before playing, then you'll know how many coins to insert for the maximum prize and how much would you win for a single coin bet.

Insert Money

This issue is not as simple as one might think and if you want to learn how to play slots then this is the place where you should pay attention. As mentioned before the money aspect influences your payouts: if you would insert the maximum amount of coins then you are entitled to win.

If you want to win bigger prizes then you'll need to insert more money, if you play progressive slots then this is even more important since you may win the huge jackpot only if you placed the maximum wage.

Spin the Reel

The spin action is quite simple, but new options allow players some new advantages, for example there are numerous online casinos that have a new "Auto Spin" option which lets online slots players to set up a slot machine to repeatedly spin a definite number of times with a fixed amount of coins that players can program in advance. This allows players to play at online casinos in other games simultaneously.

Play for Fun

One of the most important aspects of playing slots is fun; there's no point to play any casino-game if you're not enjoying yourself. If you do not play slots for fun then perhaps you should consider not playing at all. The average return rate of each slot machine is about 85% to 98% so know that there's always a chance you'll win, but that doesn't mean that it would happen time after time so make sure you play only with money you can afford to lose.

Written by Darren O'Brien, 20/02/06